OMF UFG Testbed
Welcome to the UFG local testbed island!
This page gives access to a remote experimental infrastructure (or testbed) for tests with computer networks and distributed systems, mainly involving wireless and wired devices. This testbed is part of the project FIBRE, an initiative between Brazil and Europe.
This island is operated by the Computer Networks and Distributed Systems Laboratory (LABORA), from the Institute of Informatics of Federal University of Goiás (UFG).
For further information about FIBRE-BR, please access the links below: - About FIBRE project: - FIBRE Wiki:

Available CMFs in this island (Login required)
LABORA (Laboratório de Redes de Computadores e Aplicações Distribuídas) Scheduler is a system for resource reservation that allow to slice a wireless testbed. The system can also manages the resources and users. A user can choose devices (or nodes) and frequencies (or channel) in order to make experiments. LABORA Scheduler has been developed by LABORA group at Federal University of Goias, in Brazil.
OMF (cOntrol and Management Framework) is a set of tools to control and management testbeds. OMF allows to remotely setup experiments and collect results from different types of devices, such as computers, routes, switches, wireless AP, etc. OMF has been initially by WINLAB at Rutgers University, in USA. Nowadays, OMF is open-source initiative, receiving support from WINLAB, NITlab, NICTA, and other institutions and individuals.
OCF (OFELIA Control Framework) is a set of software tools for testbed management. It controls experimentation life-cycle: reservation, instantiation, configuration, monitoring and uninstantiation. It features a full software stack: frontend, clearinghouse and resources managers (AMs) Support for management of Openflow, Virtual Machines (currently XEN) and Emulab resources.